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Add consoles with smart plug

If you want to control the device's power directly, you can use Sonoff smart plug.

Note : We recommend using Sonoff smart plug only to control the power of TV where the console is connected and do not use smart plug directly to control the power of consoles.
(How to connect the smart device with console: wire -> smart device -> wire -> socket -> console NOT socket → wire -> smart device -> wire -> console. So you don't need to cut off your console wire. normally install the smart device under the pc desktop.)

Currently DIY mode is supported by this device:

1. To prepare Sonoff smart plug to use on iCafeCloud, you should enable DIY mode on version 1.0. Then you have to put the jumper on the designated pins on the Sonoff R3 board (Figure 1).

After that, connect to hotspot and use tools to set the device to connect to the wifi on the LAN.

Figure 1

The way to switch into DIY mode of the new version (2.0) is totally different with the 1.0. No enclosure disassemble and jumper plug-in is needed.
a) Press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds after the device is turned on.

b) Connect to the Access Point named
ITEAD-XXXXXXXXXX with default password 12345678 via mobile phone or PC.

 c) A web page for the configuration of the WIFi network that the device will connect with is stored in a DIY mode device which can be accessed by the URL . 

 d) Fill the details of the existing WiFi network SSID and password

e) Reboot the device and it will connect to the WiFi network.

f) Make sure the server is on the same LAN of the WiFi.

2. Once the device is in DIY mode and connected to Wi-Fi, open the devices page on CP, click the "Scan smart devices" button (Figure 2). iCafeCloud Server will scan all Sonoff devices and automatically create devices in CP.

Figure 2

When a session for a smart device starts, the device will power on. When a user checks out, the device will turn off.

3. You can also manually control  the power of Sonoff devices in CP. (Figure 3).

Figure 3