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Add consoles with smart plug

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  • If you want to control the device's power directly, you can use the Sonoff smart plug.
  • Check your router settings , if they are in AP mode to be able to find the consoles
  • To ensure compatibility with iCafeCloud, please change your router to access point mode. You can do this by accessing the default IP address and navigating to Settings > WiFi Router > Operation Mode > AP. This adjustment will ensure that your router is detected by iCafeCloud. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

  • We recommend using the Sonoff smart plug only to control the power of the TV where the console is connected. and do not use the smart plug directly to control the power of the consoles it won’t shut it down properly.
    (How to connect the smart device with the console: wire->Sonoff->wire->socket->console NOT socket → wire -> Sonoff -> wire -> console. So you don't need to cut off your console wire. normally install the smart device under the pc desktop.)

Recommended hardware.

Old hardware.

Figure 2

  1. Once the Sonoff device is connected with iCafeCloud server, it will auto scan and automatically create devices in CP as SONOFF_1000c81a75. (Figure 3)

Figure 3

  1. You can customize the name of the SONOFF device for the "Name" column. However, the default name of the device will be displayed in the "Device" column. This ensures clarity in identifying the device while allowing users to assign a personalized name for easier management.(Figure 4)

Figure 4

  1. When a session for a smart device starts, the device will power on automatically. When a user checks out, the device will turn off.(Figure 5)

Figure 5

  1. You can also manually control the power of Sonoff devices in CP (Figure 6).

Figure 6

  1. For actions involving SONOFF devices, you can refer to the Game logs for tracking and monitoring ( Figure 7)

Figure 7