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iCafeCloud API v2


1. From the "Settings" page of the Cloud Panel, you can generate your API key by pressing the create button (Figure 1).

Figure 1

2. Click the "Copy" button and save your api key. It's only shown once.

3. API docs (Figure 2).

Figure 2

4. You need to add a http header with the "Authorization: Bearer api_key" to authenticate the API access.


  • The api key expiration time is one year.
  • the API endpoint address is the same as your server that your club is operating on.

For example, if you are on EU6, the API endpoint should be

5.To add parameters on the API use Body and not Headers.[On postman can use Body , Form-data and add parameters. [Figure 3]

Figure 3

Note: If you changed you server you need to change api post or get link also.

For example ~ you in EU1 with api request :

Then you changed to EU2 you need to change request to :