iCafeCloud Wiki Troubleshoots

  1. How to force update for ICafeMenu
  2. How to remove ICafeMenu
  3. Use iCafeCloud without local server
  4. Server connection problem
  5. Login session timeout
  6. Port forward in Mikrotik router
  7. Fix issues of connection of online games
  8. Steam library screen gone black
  9. Fix games in license pool closing in 5 minutes
  10. Fix error on kkm logs panel
  11. Run a game as user
  12. Login issue
  13. iCafeMenu not starting at client PC
  14. iCafeMenu launch delay
  15. Remove iCafeMenu from the startup on server
  16. Uninstall iCafeCloud
  17. Fix iCafeCloud not connecting to cloud panel during first installation
  18. Enable Task Manager in client
  19. Stop bypassing icafemenu client