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Using HDD mode

  1. You need a PC (server) on the local network where iCafeCloud and CCDisk are installed.  (Get CCDisk from CCDisk’s Official Website)

  1. On this server you can download games from iCafeCloud or you can also install games manually.

  1. If games are installed manually you should add them to iCafeCloud as shortcuts.

  1. Then, on client/customer PC you should install CCDisk client.

  1. CCDisk client will mount the disk from server to client side.

  1. When a customer tries to run any game on client/customer station, the game will be copied from the mounted disk to local disk on client/customer station.

  1. If this folder already exists iCafeCloud will copy only the files that have updates on the server side.

  1. iCafeCloud Client (iCafeMenu) will start from the mounted disk, so you do not need to copy it to each client/customer station.

  1. In case you are using the games that you downloaded from iCafeCloud, you can manage updates from iCafeCloud via browser.