Billing solution for eSports and game center

What is iCafeCloud?

iCafeCloud is a simple billing and game management program to manage customers accounts and billing for your cafe users as well as game updates and license management. Each day you have hundred of users and game updates, keeping track of them all can be hard. So, iCafeCloud is here to simplify it for you.

But, that’s not all…

iCafeCloud has function to share game license to users to play without purchasing the game themselves as well as you can create reports to keep track of daily earning as well.
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Who Needs iCafeCloud?

iCafeCloud is most useful for:
  • Gaming Center
  • Gaming lounge
  • Gaming cafes
  • Lan Centers
  • eSports

If you have multiple computers, and you rent them out to users then use iCafeCloud to keep track of their usage and accured charges.
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Why You Need iCafeCloud

Keep track of members

If you have a multiple computers and have many members at you Cafe, Gaming centers then you have many members to keep track of. iCafeCloud makes is really simple to manage.

Generate reports

Everyday's business is different and creating reports on sales and earning is rather seamless with iCafeCloud. Create daily earning, expenses and member reports. Analyze reports to make decision on things that matter.

Give user more value

Do you have member who play for hours and keep in playing, wanna give them bonus for playing many hours or for spending much? iCafeCloud has discount system based on amount of money top upped as well as time user has played. Giving user more value playing at you place.

Manage your PC'S and Consoles

Are you tired of keep tracking the time of your consoles manually?
ICafeCloud functions allow you to turn on/off PC's and devices when user sessions are started and finished. Allowing you to focus on making money.

System to rewards prize

Players can redeem prizes by coins in local. Coins can be collected by their performance in games , you will be able to create your own prizes and decide how much coins worth.


USD2.50 /PC /Month
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20% discount

USD2.00 /PC /Month
Annual Payment

iCafeCloud + CCBoot

USD6.00 /PC /Month
Monthly Payment

20% discount

USD4.80 /PC /Month
Annual Payment

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