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How it works

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  • iCafeCloud miner is mining ETH and gets rewarded in BTC because the market goes up and down all the time.
  • Our system will auto sell BTC to USDT once they have been mined more than 0.0005BTC (USDT is a stable crypto with a value price of 1$).

  • Payout Rules:
    Payout will be once a month if the amount is 100$ or more and will skip to the next payout till it reaches 100$. (This can happen in case you have very small hashrate power or you are not mining most hours of the day).
    This rule is about Binance wallets “
    we suggest to create a wallet in Binance, other wallets may have additional transfer fees that we will not cover and can be update for the fee at the payout day only,transfer fees change everyday.

  • We will send “USDT” to your wallet on the 10th day of every month. For example : if you have 5000$ actual balance in your panel and it's still August we will send the 5000$ on 10th of September into your wallet).
  • The mining function includes a 10% fee on the profits that is used for pool fees, exchange fees, transfer fees and our services.
  • Everything will be transparent and will be easy to track by Logs.

  • The USD amount in the mining panel of iCafeCloud will be updated every 4-5 hours.

  • Everything will be transparent, we want an easier and fair process for all.