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How to check reports

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Accessing Income and Profit Report in iCafeCloud

  1. Log in to the iCafeCloud web admin.
  2. Navigate to the "Reports" section on the left side of the interface ( Figure 1).

Report Overview:

  1. Data Range Select: Customize the timeframe for data analysis.
  2. Chart: Visual representation of business data, revealing trends and patterns.
  3. Income: Detailed breakdown of current income for a clear understanding of revenue streams.
  4. Sales: Comprehensive information on sales for tracking and analyzing transactional data.
  5. Topup: Insights into top-up activities to understand customer behavior in replenishing balances.
  6. Products: Detailed overview of product performance for inventory management and sales optimization.
  7. Games: Information on gaming-related activities, if applicable, to assess popularity and profitability.
  8. Members: Details about the customer base for analyzing membership trends and customer loyalty.

Leverage these sections to gain valuable insights into business operations, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Figure 1