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How to check reports

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The report shows your current income and profit amounts. To check the report, follow the steps below.

 -Login to the web admin for iCafeCloud, then click on “Reports” from the left pane (Figure 1).

The report overview shows :  Data range select ,Chart , Income . Sales , Topup , Products , Games, Members. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

Data range select

You can change the range of the data you want to check (Figure 2.1)

Figure 2.1

Choose at what date and on whom shift you want to check the data (Figure 2.2/Figure 2.3)

Figure 2.2

Figure 2.3

You can also check all the information of a specific shift by clicking on select shift (Figure 2.4)

Figure 2.4

Then you click at the shift you want to check (Figure 2.5)

Figure 2.5

A window pops up with all the information about the selected shift (Figure 2.6)

Figure 2.6


the data in this section show the cash sum and profit sum for the past 24 hours and for all shifts ..(Figure 3.1)

Figure 3.1

This chart is about the cashier's cash and profit amount, showing daily earnings in the cafe for a 1-month duration. Reports can be viewed separately by clicking the blue and orange buttons near the Cashier Cash and Profit label (Figure 3.2).

Figure 3.2

Check “PC usage” to see pc usage chart  which is calculated as hours/all PCs
Select the date range you want to check and press on search the chart will show usage for Session numbers, Total amount spend, Avg amount spend, Avg PC usage[hours] (Figure 3.3).

Figure 3.3


We have added a function for the page down where you can find exactly the detailed formula how the report is calculated . Just move the mouse cursor over them and the formula will show up.(Figure 4)

  1. Expenses = Paid expense.
  2. Cash = completed sales + Complete topup - Refunded topup - Paid Expenses
  3. Credit card = completed sales + Complete Topup - Refunded Topup.
  4. Balance = Completed Sales
  5. Amount = Cash Amount + Credit Card Amount + Balance Amount
  6. Tax = Sales Tax + Topup Tax
  7. Cost = Sales Cost
  8. Profit = Sales profit + Topup profit.
  9. Unpaid Loan
  10. Refund = Sales Refund + Topup Refund

Figure 4


  •  Products.
  •  Offer Guest.
  • Offer Members.
  • The total sold in cash , credit card & balance.

Figure 5


  • Members Topup (showing detailed number of members account topped up + total amount topped up)
  • Guest Topup (showing detailed number of Guests account topped up + total amount topped up)
  • Prepaid Session Topup (showing how many prepaid sessions were opened + total amount topped up)
  • Postpaid Session Topup (showing how many postpaid sessions were opened + total amount topped up)
  • Consoles Topup (showing detailed number of consoles topped up + total amount topped up )
  • Pc Time Topup (showing detailed number of pc time topped up + total amount topped up )
  • Bonus (added to the cash amount)

Total consists of cash , credit card payment.

The topup amount calculated as cash the day is added , if the topup balance is used next day will be shown as profit only on the reports the next day.
(You will noticed that when Porift amount is greater than Cash amount)
EX: If you topup 100$ to a member today and the member will not spend any of them the amount will added as cash but if the same member spend 50$ in the next day then report will show on profit 50$ more than in cash.

Figure 6


Just below the topup from members, you can see the product and offer sale details, which can be sorted by clicking the columns (Figure 7).

Figure 7


Reports on games also include the games and the number of times they have been played by the customers and how many times they are launched through the license pool function . It is a real time data you can check the time range in blue color  (Figure 8).

Figure 8


Now we have added Members tab where you can find the top 5 topup members account for selected date and time range , with member account name and topup amount
Also New members will show how many new members are registered in center at the selected range of date and time .(Figure 9)

Figure 9

Export PDF

Also you can download the full report as pdf by pressing on the download option will open a pdf file with full data report of this section (Figure 10.1)

Figure 10.1

Figure 10.2

Save it to pdf and check the full detailed report .