iCafeCloud Wiki Games page

  1. Enable games
  2. Fast add local games
  3. Add steam games to iCafeCloud
  4. Add Uplay games to iCafeCloud
  5. Adding games category
  6. How to add Mailru Games
  7. Edit PC groups for games
  8. Add Windows store apps
  9. Find games id
  10. Launcher games auto updates
  11. Install launcher games
  12. Clear local hot
  13. Game Fixes
  14. Create custom mklinks for games
  15. Add local game to iCafeCloud
  16. Add favorite games to home page
  17. Saved played game
  18. Hide the unwanted columns
  19. Issue with connection to cloud on client side
  20. Report update problem
  21. Important changes for games from June 2020
  22. Fix for CoD warzone