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With iCafeCloud you don't have to worry about some games or game clients not working on client PCs.

To achieve this, on the server side, iCafeCloud moves the related folders to the game disk’s “GameFixes” folder and creates symlinks in its place.

  1. If you are utilizing CCBootCloud and have already enabled game fixes, iCafeCloud will automatically incorporate those fixes.
  2. The gamefix.bat file on the server will only execute when you click "save" in the game settings. At that point, it will close any game launchers running on the server side.
  3. On the server, there is a gamefix.err.log file in the installation folder. When this file is empty, it indicates that all commands have executed correctly.
  4. If none of the games are enabled in the game settings, the game fix will not run at all, even if the games are installed.
  5. Similarly, on the client, there are gamefix.err.log and gamesave.err.log files. When these files are empty, it signifies that all commands have been executed correctly.
  6. If you accidentally delete the iCafeCloudshared folder, you have to click “save” at game settings to recreat the share folder.
  7. For the game paths that are connected to CCBootCloud game fixes check here

Below are the list of folders that are moved to “GameFixes” folder

%LocalAppData%\Riot Games
%ProgramData%\Riot Games
%LocalAppData%\Rockstar Games
%ProgramData%\Rockstar Games
%LocalAppData%\Ubisoft Game Launcher

  1. On the client side, if the aforementioned folders are present, they will be deleted, and in their place, symlinks will be created to the folders from the game disk's "GameFixes" directories.
  2. This functionality not only allows you to run games on the client side without installing them in "Super client mode" (when running in diskless mode) but also to update the games on the server.