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Create custom mklinks

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If you want to use your own symbolic links (mklink) and registry you can create a bat file and rename it as icafemenuready.bat ,add this file to the same folder with the .exe file of the game you want.

Example: if we want to add for Riot games create the bat file at the "RiotClientServices.exe" location D:\Riot Games\Riot Client\RiotClientServices.exe

If you are not able to create your own mklinks as need some advanced users

an easy way to do this is to copy the ready links from cmd_client.bat which is located in icafemenu folder and past to the custom links you're creating modify the paths and disk letters and you're done

Example of riot: This example will create a link from the server APPDATA folder to the client APPDATA folder

If exist "D:\GameFixes\Riot Games\APPDATA\Local" (

        dir /AL /B "%LocalAppData%" | find "Riot Games"

        if errorlevel 1 (

                rmdir "%LocalAppData%\Riot Games\" /s /q


        rmdir "%LocalAppData%\Riot Games\"

        mklink /D "%LocalAppData%\Riot Games\" "D:\GameFixes\Riot Games\APPDATA\Local"