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  • A new function has been introduced in iCafeCloud where you can copy games from one license to another.
  • Assuming you have multiple centers and you don't want to enable the games or add them one by one again, you can now simply copy all the games from the first license you have set up to the new second license.
  • It will not import the game PC groups, so if you have groups, you will need to manually create them.
  • Both licenses should be on the same server in order to be imported successfully.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Games” on admin panel and click the “import games” icon. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

  1. Once you click on the function, it will ask for the License ID and Password. Fill in the details with the license from which you want to copy the games. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

  1. It will take just a few minutes to load, and all the games will be added to the list.