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Game page Setting

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  1. Navigate to the game page and click the gear blue icon. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

  1. A prompt containing settings will open up, listed as follows. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

  1. Allow update time: This function enables you to specify the hours during which updates can be downloaded. EX: I configured iCafeMenu to update after 16:00 local time.
  2. Quick update: This function will update the games from IDC without scanning the files first (Recommended to left default as currently iCafeCloud doesnt offer game update files)
  3. Torrent download: This function can limit on how many games or apps can be downloaded from iCafeCloud on same time. (Recommended to left default as 0 )
  4. Auto download:  With this function you can select to get the update done automatically or manually (Recommended to left as default Yes)
  5. Download speed: With this function you can limit the download speed of iCafemenu updates
  6. Main game drive: Choose the game drive you want icafemenu to be downloaded (Recommended to be the main gamedisk you more than 1)
  7. Configure the download speed to 1MB, then upload speed as seed is also 1MB.
    Each time downloading  iCafemenu it will be seeding icafemenu for 3 hours after download complete.