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Integrating consoles for enhancing session management efficiency. It employs SONOFF smart plugs to automate session start and stop times, minimizing manual tasks for staff and optimizing gaming center operations.

  1. This feature enables you to integrate various devices such as consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.), VR headsets, TVs, gaming peripherals, and more into iCafeCloud for efficient management of usage time.
  2. All sessions for consoles can be initiated automatically through hardware such as SONOFF, which is a smart plug. By receiving commands from iCafeCloud, SONOFF can efficiently turn on and turn off the consoles based on the session time, eliminating the need for manual intervention by employees. This automation streamlines the process and reduces hassle for employees, ensuring smooth operation of the gaming center.
  3. All sessions for consoles can be initiated manually by employees. When starting a session in iCafeCloud, employees must physically go to the console and manually turn it on.When a session ends, iCafeCloud will notify the employee via the control panel to check out. Employees must then go to the console and manually turn it off.  (Figure 1 & 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2