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Booking a PC

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  1. This function lets cashiers reserve PCs and devices for members. Only the member who reserved them can use them during that time. No one else can start a session before or during the booked time.
  2. Disabling the "Allow booking when PCs are online" function means that only offline PCs can be used for booking, which is the default setting.
  3. Enabling the "Allow booking when PCs are online" function means that booking can occur whether the PCs are online or offline. (Figure1)

Figure 1

  1. Go to the Computer page on iCafeCloud Web, then switch to the “bookings”  tab (Figure 2).

Figure 2

  1. You can choose which group you want to display(Figure 3).

Figure 3

  1. Hovering the cursor and selecting the plus “ + “ sign will create a booking with the specific time and device, and “+” button will appear(Figure 4)

Figure 4

Booking for members

  1. Press the “+” button and fill the information about your booking, Member name , starting time, duration (reservation time in minutes, drop list to choose one of the options), and comment then press OK (Figure 5)

Figure 5

  1. It will show the cost, member balance and bonus, continue with the “Ok” button to confirm (Figure 6).

Figure 6

  1. Then the booking will be listed and the “+” button will disappear (Figure 7).

Figure 7

  1. Click on a listed booking to open the edit dialog then press delete to delete the booking.
  2. You canot edit the booking, only delete, so if you entered a wrong date or duration time, you need to delete the booking and add it again (Figure 8 and 9)

Figure 8

Figure 9

  1. Confirm the delete by pressing OK (Figure 10)

Figure 10

  1. All the booking will be listed in this illustrator (X for time and Y for the PC name).
  2. Once you booked notification that from Booking offer will change to balance mode (Figure 11)

Figure 11

Booking for guests

  1. To indicate someone as a guest, simply check the "Guest" box. This action will automatically remove the option to add a member's name, as the system will recognize the booking as being made by a guest. However, in the comments section, you can manually include the name of the person who made the booking for reference. (Figure 12)

Figure 12

  1. On the Booking page, the guest's name will be displayed. If you hover over it, the name from the comments will be shown. (Figure 13)

Figure 13

  1. When the guest arrives you can cancel the booking.(Figure 14)

Figure 14

  1. Now, the guest can utilize the PC that has been reserved for them.
  2. At the client login, a notification will appear about recent booking when booking is added (Figure 15).

Figure 15

  1. If there is a member logged on before booking time, booking auto checkout members now when the booking time starts. (and notification will appear before 5 minutes from booking time to notice that the member will be logged out) (Figure 16).

Figure 16

  1. After using the booking balance it will auto switch to the highest priority offer if customer use offers
  2. If a PC is already booked, none of the sessions can start before the booked time has passed.
  3. If a PC is booked days in advance, you can use postpaid and freetime sessions until the booking start time.
  4. After the booking time has passed, only prepaid and offer sessions can be used.
    Example: If a session is booked for 30 minutes and the time hasn't yet passed the 30-minute mark, only the member who booked it can log in. Once 30 minutes have elapsed, at 31 minutes and beyond, postpaid and free sessions can be accessed.
  5. When the booking time is started, refunds cannot be done.
  6. Start time must not be past and must be future.