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Set client idle PC

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  1. Go to the client settings >> enter the time to wait before performing action and select the action to take when the PC is idle for a specified duration.
    Ex: Client idle  0.1 min - reboot after checkout ( This will reboot the PC, 6 seconds after the client’s logout or checkout. (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  1. The idle doesn't mean no action on the mouse and keyboard. It means he didn't log in.
    0 mins = no action
    0.01 min = 1 sec for action
    0.10 min = 6 sec for action
        1 min = 60 sec for action

  1. For the "Close all apps after logout" option, you need to set a time in minutes or seconds. After the client logs out from the PC, based on the time you set, the system will terminate the apps. For example, if you set a time of 0.5 minutes, it will wait for 0.5 minutes before closing all apps after logout. (Figure 2)
    0 min = no action (it’s infinite waiting)

Figure 2