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[API settings]


1. From the "Settings" page of the Cloud Panel, you can generate your API key by pressing the create button (Figure 1). The api key expiration time is one year.

Figure 1

2. Click the "Copy" button and save your api key. It's only shown once.

3. API docs (Figure 2).

Figure 2

4. You need to add a http header with the "Authorization: Bearer api_key" to authenticate the API access.

5.To add parameters on the API use Body and not Headers.[On postman can use Body , Form-data and add parameters. [Figure 3]

Figure 3

6. The API endpoint URL should always use HTTPS not HTTP. First you need to use to get server code, then your endpoint is "https://" + serverCode + "/".

Figure 4

7. Notify balance changes to client PC. Once you've initiated the top-up API call, the next step would be to call the pushClientstatus API. This step is crucial as it ensures that the client's PC is notified of the update.