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Conquer Online trade


Enable conquer trade

To activate the conquer trade option on your server, Login to the web admin for icafecloud and follow the steps below :

  1. Install Conquer Online 3.0 on server game drive.
  2. Go to settings page – shop settings, then you find the conquer trade option (Figure1)

Figure 1

  1. Choose enable, fill the player name in the game other than the game login account self that you want to do the conquer trade on the server. The game will exit auto If you login Conquer with other accounts on the server or you login Conquer with the allowed accounts at client. Enable option will auto add "Conquer coin" on inventory (Figure2).

Figure 2

  1. Now go to inventory, you will find an item called “Conquer coin “ added automatically by the system and cannot be removed (the coin used for trading ) you can change the cost / sales price and set a tax for it . (Figure 3 )

Figure 3

  1. Now, you can launch the game, play and start trading.
  2. If you disable Conquer trade in settings, it means all accounts can login Conquer online and iCafeCloud will not record any trade events.


  1. the trade payment amount is the ceil value, so the trade quantities would be multiple times of 10K.
  2. the trade log record only happened on between one allowed login account and one customer login account.
  3. the trade log will not be recorded if trade on server with two allowed login accounts.
  4. the customer side would run icafemenu, and login with customer game account. if you login with trade game account, the game will exit auto.

Check trade logs

Note : if you’re selling coins , it will create an order with the price.  if you’re buying coins, it will create an order with cost but in negative amount  .

The trade information will be shown in different places , including :

  1.   Logs page  (Figure 4 / Figure 5  )

Figure 4

Figure 5

  1. Shop page - transaction history (Figure 6 )

Figure 6

You can click on each transaction to check all the information about the transaction (Figure 7)

Figure 7

  1. Reports page- products : will show information about the conquer coin item that was added before to inventory and used in the trade . (Figure 8)

Figure 8

Cashier or master PC

You just need to copy the conquer game folder from the server to the cashier PC. Notice, iCafeCloud created a conqTrade.json file on the server game folder.

Disable poker

If you want to disable all employees from playing poker in game, delete \Conquer online 3.0\map\ file in the game folder.