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[Center settings]

general, settings

  1. Go to the settings page (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  1. After that, you can see the settings as below.

Center settings

  1. Language : Language can be chosen or changed as per your need like English, Russian etc.
  2. Time zone : Time zone according to the location of the center.
  3. Billing service : If the billing service is enabled, a customer will need members or guest accounts to login at the client.
  4. PXE boot service: if enabled the system works as CCBoot. If disable the system works as CCDisk so only game drive in client side not image
  5. Game sports mode: Enable works as iCafeSports mode.
  6. Google drive : Bind and unbind google drive.


Loyalty settings

  1. Points function : Points function is enabled for allowing the members to earn points and upgrade their group type.
  2. Top up bonus : set bonus for the topup amount.