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KKM server hardware

KKM, server, hardware, devices

  1. Supported devices (KKT):
  • ATOL protocol (Platform 5) (FFD 1.2):

ATOL 1F, ATOL 11F, ATOL 15F, ATOL 20F, ATOL 22F/FPrint-22PTK, ATOL 22v2F, ATOL 25F, ATOL
27F, ATOL 30F, ATOL 42FS, ATOL 47FA, ATOL 50F , ATOL 52F,
ATOL 55F, ATOL 60F, ATOL 77F, ATOL 90F (special security code required),
ATOL 91F (special security code required), ATOL 92F (special security code required),
ATOL Sigma 10/ATOL 150F, ATOL Sigma 7F , ATOL Sigma 8F, FA Treasurer.
For Windows - you need DTO Atol x32, For Linux - you need DTO Atol x64

  • ShTRIKH-M protocol (FFD 1.2):


  • RR-Electro protocol (FFD 1.2):

RR-01F, RR-02F, RR-03F, RR-04F

  • ELVES protocol (FFD 1.2):


  • RETAIL Protocol (FFD 1.2):

RETAIL-01F, RETAIL-02F, , Retail-Combo-01F

  • Dreamkas protocol (Viki Print) (FFD 1.2):

Viki-Print-57F, Viki-Print-57+F, Viki-Print-80+F

  • Protocol KIT (KASBY) (FFD 1.2):

KIT Online-F, Terminal-FA

  • ESC/POS receipt printers:

Label printers, receipt printers (without fiscal registrar)
working via the ESC/POS protocol (COM, LTP ports, windows print spooler)

  • Windows printer:

Label printers, Receipt printers (without fiscal registrar)
working through a windows print spooler

  1. Supported devices (Acquiring terminals):

  • TTK2 protocol: Acquiring terminals:

All acquiring terminals that support the TTK2 protocol

  • SBRF Protocol: Acquiring terminals:

All acquiring terminals supported by Sberbank-RF

  • INPAS protocol: Acquiring terminals:

INPAS acquiring terminals (Verifone, IRAS, PAX)

  • UCS Protocol: Acquiring terminals:

UCS (United Card Services) acquiring terminals

  • ARCUS-2 protocol: Acquiring terminals:

ARCUS-2 acquiring terminals (Ingenico)

  • St. Petersburg Sberbank protocol:

Fast payment system (FPS) using a QR code from an application on the phone.
It is desirable to have a buyer’s display with a QR code displayed for it, see below..

  • SPB Tinkoff Protocol (Beta):

Fast Payment System (FPS) using a QR code from an application on the phone.
It is desirable to have a buyer display with a QR code displayed, see below.

  1. Supported devices (Customer Displays):

  • MERTECH QR-PA: (customer display):

Display of QR codes MERTECH QR-PA

  • QR-Screen: (customer display):

Display of QR codes QR-Screen

  1. Supported devices (Electronic scales):
  • Massa-K: electronic scales:

All MASSA-K scales that support protocols: Protocol No. 2, STANDART Protocol, Protocol 1c

  • Shtrikh-M: electronic scales:

All Shtrih-M scales that support protocols: Shtrih-M protocol

  • Atol: electronic scales:

All Atol-K scales that support protocols: 'Passive'" protocol

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