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Reset member points

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  1. The "Reset points" button, exclusive to administrators, will reset all members points accumulated from the topup amount "Member points"(Figure 1)

Figure 1

  1. Upon clicking the reset button, users will be prompted to confirm the reset process(Figure 2)

Figure 2

  1. Once confirmed, a new window will appear displaying the message "Success" indicating that the reset action has been completed successfully. (Figure 3)

Figure 3

  1. Points can only be reset at the center where the action is started. If there are sub-centers activated, each sub-center must be reset individually. This ensures that the reset action applies specifically to each center or sub-center, and you need to manage licenses manually through their respective cloud panels.
  2. Logs are generated for each reset point action with the event labeled as “RESETPOINT”
  3. These logs provide a record of the reset activity for future reference and auditing purposes (Figure 4)

Figure 4