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== Payment settings ==

A brief explanation about payment settings in this guide.

  1. Currency symbol : Currency symbol according to the country can be set.
  2. Payment method : There are 4 different payment methods : cash, credit card, balance and order by cash at client. Check the payment methods for enabling them.
  3. Price button : set price buttons with time.
  4. Prepaid session: Option to return change or keep change
  5. Enable postpaid : Enable postpaid allows you to have postpaid sessions at PCs
  6. Allow auto loan : Allow auto loan is for allowing loan for members.
  7. Allow booking when PC is online : This function allows booking PCs even if the client PCs are online.
  8. Tax printer: Taxes can be set as the government rules in offers and products.
  9. Center monthly expense : Set center’s monthly expense